ist eine Online-Plattform, die eine vielfältige Auswahl an unterhaltsamen Spielen bietet, jedoch keine Echtgeldtransaktionen oder die Möglichkeit, echtes Geld zu gewinnen oder zu verlieren, beinhaltet.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Use of Service

To utilize SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino services, users must provide specific sensitive personal information to finalize their registration and gain access to the services:

  • Contact information
  • Current ID
  • Additional relevant details

Customers are responsible for securely maintaining their registration and login information and ensuring it is not accessible or usable by others. SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino will not be accountable for any user losses or damages if a member fails to adhere to the privacy policy. The casino reserves the right to deny service, terminate, or suspend accounts at its discretion, without prior notice or explanation.

SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino is available to individuals who are at least 18 years old, and its services and games are intended purely for entertainment purposes. Any misuse of the services by a member can lead to the revocation of their access to SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino.

  1. The Convenient Manners

Members of SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino acknowledge and agree that they are responsible for their actions while using the platform or its application, and they commit to not engaging in behavior that violates the Terms & Conditions:

- Engage in or endorse any behavior that is inappropriate, offensive, or illegal.

- Disclose sensitive trade secrets or confidential information.

- Post adult content or promote pharmaceutical products not approved for public distribution.

- Violate privacy policies, rights, or publicity of other users.

- Create fake user accounts or engage in fraudulent activities.

- Attempt to modify the Terms & Conditions or the Services offered.

- Hinder other users' understanding of SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino or any relevant policies or guidelines.

- Restrict or inhibit other players' use of the Service.

- Remove, hide, or alter any specific SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino markings or identifiers from any Service/Product.

- Use artificial intelligence or robotic technology to manipulate the SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino platform or its application.

- Introduce viruses or similar harmful elements to the platform.

- Advertise illegal activities or websites.

By adhering to these terms, users contribute to maintaining a safe and responsible environment within the SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino community.

  1. Rights of Property

The rights of SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino are outlined as follows:

  • All sensitive information and proprietary content provided by the Services, being the intellectual property of SLOTTY DAYS Casino, are protected by law.
  • Under the User Agreement, all advertisements or data provided on the SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino Platform are safeguarded by patents, trademarks, or equivalent protections.
  • Users are prohibited from modifying, distributing, or transferring any part of the SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino services, unless there is an agreement with SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino.

The rights of users are outlined as follows:

  • Users do not have ownership or control over content provided to SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino by other players.
  • Content shared on the SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino platform, whether through a desktop version or a mobile application, is publicly accessible and remains available unless it is deleted by the user.
  1. No Reproduction of Service

The SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino strictly prohibits the duplication of its services, content, or any other intellectual property in accordance with the regulations set forth in the Terms & Conditions, and this is in line with the consent provided by its members.

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  1. Continuation of service and updates

SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino reserves the right to implement permanent or temporary discontinuation and periodic modifications to its services. The casino is not obligated to notify members or consumers about these changes. Therefore, it is recommended that users regularly visit and review the Terms & Conditions for the latest updates and information.

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  1. Links

The SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino website or its application may feature links to other webpages, which members can access and use. It's important to understand that these external sites are not covered under the Terms & Conditions of SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino. As such, SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino cannot be held accountable for the content, products, or any advertisements found on these linked sites. Any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of these external sites are not under the control or liability of the SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino Platform.

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  1. Indemnity

Pursuant to the user's agreement that their access to the SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino services will not be contrary to any guilty laws or rights of any third party, in especially, breaches such as misdemeanor or abuse of any copyright, patent, trade secret, picture, trademark, music or other proprietary or property right, inaccurate ads, libel, prejudicial competition, invasion of secureness or entitlements of importance, regularization or violation of any anti-discrimination law, or any other entitlements of any individual or entity. Our members assure that they will recompense SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino and that they will protect it from any loss and liability, damages, harms, containing reasonable legal fees and payments that may be incurred by SLOTTY DAYS Free Casino, arising out of, or relating to your infringement of any of the above demonstrated warranties and submissions.

  1. GDPR

The processing of personal data is generally prohibited unless it is expressly permitted by law or the data subject has consented to the processing. Although consent is a key legal basis for the processing of personal sensitive data, it is just one of the six principles outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The other grounds include processing necessary for the performance of a contract, compliance with legal obligations, protection of vital interests of the data subject, tasks carried out in the public interest, and legitimate interests pursued by the data controller or a third party, as specified in Article 6(1) of the GDPR.

The criteria for the effectiveness of valid legal consent are detailed in Article 7 and further explained in Recital 32 of the GDPR. This consent must be given freely, be specific, informed, and unambiguous. For consent to be considered freely given, it must be voluntary, indicating that the data subject has a real choice. Any form of undue influence or manipulation that impacts this choice makes the consent invalid. This aspect of the legislation considers the potential power imbalance between the data controller and the data subject. For example, in an employer-employee relationship, an employee may feel that refusing consent could have negative consequences for their employment. Therefore, consent can only be a legitimate basis for processing in exceptional cases in such contexts.

Moreover, the GDPR includes the "prohibition of coupling" principle. This principle states that fulfilling a contract should not be conditional upon the data subject's consent to process additional personal sensitive data that is irrelevant to the execution of that contract. ist eine Website, die soziale Casinospiele für Personen ab 18 Jahren anbietet. Vor dem Zugriff auf die Inhalte müssen Nutzer bestätigen, dass sie mindestens 18 Jahre alt sind.